TrappHouse® Productions


What About It?

You've have now entered the T to the R to A to the double Ps. What does that mean? You're either trappin' or you've been caught by the Trapp. To put it simply, we own the "TrappHouse."

Based in Austin, Texas, our goal is pretty simple - provide the Best Texas Southern Rap/Hip Hop Entertainment. And we don't mean by sticking grills in our mouth or "playing a role." Naw man. We repin our folks. We don't care for gimmicks so you won't see or hear none from us. We entertain and bring style to a watered-down industry!

Look here mane', we've been trapping since 2000 and before. Do your research, check your CDs and mp3 files...

Ain't no need bruh. To put it simply we're the original "TrappHouse." To others trap is just a word or a fad... To us, it's our livelyhood, our hustle, our way of talk, our walk, our principles.

So go ahead and take piece of the "trap". Just know one thing....there's only one TrappHouse.

Be on the lookout for Fae Lows upcoming album "Hustler's Therapy" due in the Spring 2013.

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